Reading aloud and Writing copies

I haven't written articles for this blog recently.

But I've struggled for improving English skill by reading aloud and writing copies. I got 705 points on TOEIC test in April, and maybe I improved my English better than the test.

I know that it's necessary for me to train English skill like sports. And I've been training for more than 5 month. I understand videos that are spoken in easy English on Youtube now.

I'll take upcoming July's TOEIC test for getting over 800 points. I'm not sure I can get 800 points. But I won't stop English training.


A new samue for summer

I received new samue for summer what I ordered.

The samue is made in Japan, and very light.
I liked it.


El Capitan and Bluetooth speaker

I faced trouble in my mac and bluetooth speaker again.

I fixed by following operation.

1. Power off bluetooth speaker
2. Reboot mac os
3. Power on bluetooth speaker
4. Connect bluetooth speaker

I'm not sure why it was fixed.


610 points on TOEIC practice test

I tried TOEIC practice test in Sunday.

I marked 610 points, but I could reach over 650 points.
So I was dissatisfied.

I'll try official practice test next Sunday.


I feel better now

I wrote that it's something wrong with my brain.
I felt like this photo. But I felt better now.

Because I improved English listening, I tried TOEIC practice test yesterday. And I marked 355 points on listening. I'm sure I can mark over 600 points in next TOEIC text in April. Next test, I'll aim over 730 points, because I'm sure over 600 points.


Something wrong in my brain

Since I could listen English, I feel something wrong in my brain.

I'm tired? This morning I also feel something wrong. Yesterday, I drank a can of beer, and I slept well last night. But I'm still tired? Something wrong.


I can listen to English

Yesterday, I was listening to BBC's Today.

At first 2 hours, I can't take meaning of English. I can feel English sound, but I can't combine English sound and meaning.

But after 2 hours, I could feel meaning of English. I was surprised. I watched and listened English broadcasts in the Internet. And I recognized I can listen English. I'm not  sure which training is good for me.

This morning. I'm not sure whether I can listen or not.