About Yokohaman dialect

Kyou ha yasumi jan! 今日は休みじゃん! Today is holiday!

I heard that "-jan" is yokohaman dialect. Other one says it's Koushu dialect. Anyway "jan" is a dialect. I use this often in Twitter. Because I'm live in Kanagawa pref.

In South Kanto region, "jan" is usual. But people from Kansai region dislike "jan". A man from Kyoto whom I met in Tohoku region says that it doesn't seem trusty. I was shocked he was angry. But he loves Kyoto dialect. I think it's no fair. I think people from Kansai have advantages in talking casually. He said that Yokohaman dialect speakers seem foolish too.

Now I think it's not big thing, but when I'm a university student, I use Japanese like NHK, and don't use Kanagawan dialect. I used to feel bad about that.

I've remembered suddenly.

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