Finally I opened package

I ran out CBD liquid for vaporizer.

I don't have appetite for CBD like tabaco. But I want CBD a little. So I opened package from USA. 3 items is in package. CBD oil I ordered, sample of CBD oil, and Hemp lip cream.

I tried the sample like CBD liquid. I feel better. Next, I tried the item I ordered, and I found it's not for vaporizer. I thought I can buy item same as the sample for vaporizer. Next time I'll try.

CBD liquid arrived at evening. I ordered it yesterday. It's fast.

I cleaned vaporizer, and tried the liquid. But it's not good. I don't feel nothing. Of coarse CBD is effective when I feel nothing. But it's dull for me. I thought I fail shopping.

Next time, I'll buy the item same as the sample from USA.

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