I quitted the vape and slept well

I thought different from every time.

Maybe that thought was better than every time, but I feel no good. I found the reason why I thought that. CBD let me think that...maybe. So, I quitted CBD liquid using the vape for 1 day. And I'd use CBD oil before I go to bed, but I forgot. So I didn't use CBD about for 1 day.

Then I woke up at 3:40 AM. Yesterday 23:00. I improve my sleep a little. CBD is really good? When I used CBD, I slept sound sleep, but sleeping time is short. I want to sleep long time. So CBD is not for me maybe.

For the present, I'll try CBD oil before sleep. If it makes me good, I'll continue to use it. But if I become bad, I can say my investment was wrong.

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