I'm in Yokohama

I've wrote before that my family would go to Yokohama for overnight trip.

I have arrived Yokohama yesterday. Well I live in a town in same pref, Kanagawa. So It's not hard to go to Yokohama.

At first, we went to food court in Minatomirai. And I eat hoikouro and beer. But thanks to his hot whether and alcohol, I became moisture shortage.

We went to Akarenga Souko in Yokohama. I've thought Akarenga has nothing, but it became shopping mole. I was surprised about that. Akarenga still has western mood in itself. It's nice. Yokohama is so hot same as my town, so I need sports drink much.

At evening we went to China Town and ate Chinese course dish. It's very delicious. We had very happy time. In a hotel, I played with my younger nephew. Younger likes me (I don't understand reason why). Then I fall sleep without I know.

I don't know where we'll go today.

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