My nephew became heatstroke?

My nephew and I went a park in my town's countryside by bicycle yesterday.

Because it's too hot, I gave him sports drink at a convenience store. But he became in bad when we were going to home. I thought he became heatstroke, and we stoped at supermarket what is cooling by air-conditioner.
He said he felt cold, I wondered if he was heatstroke. So I called my parents. Then my parents came the supermarket, and my mother took him to clinic opened in holiday, and my father pushed his bicycle. I pushed my bicycle with my father.

At last, I heard Doctor said my nephew is in danger of influenza, not heatstroke.
His heat became 39.2 degrees centigrade, He took a anti-febrile and slept in cooling room. He looked joyful, because he might continue holiday till next day.

He would be back his home, but he is sleeping in my home now.
My mother is going to take him a clinic if he has heat tomorrow.

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