My nephew is back his home

This summer, my nephew stayed my home, and he is back his home today.
We miss him a little.

Difficulty in studying Chinese for Japanese

I started Chinese blog for practicing for writing Chinese.

I think difficulty in Chinese for Japanese is Chinese Kanji and Pinyin. Pinyin is like Romaji for Japanese. We Japanese know Japanese Kanji reading in Japanese, and we tend to read Chinese kanji in Japanese. So we feel difficult to memorize both Chinese Kanji and Pinyin. If we don't know Pinyin, we can't type in Chinese. So I often search Pinyin on web.

Speaking of Kanji, Japanese Kanji is different from Chinese. On the top of that, Chinese kanji using in Taiwan is different from in Beijing. For Taiwan is Traditional Chinese, and for Beijing is Simplified Chinese. It's difficult for Japanese to read Simplified Chinese, because it's too simplified. It's easy relatively for Japanese to read Traditional Chinese, because we can recognize meaning by shape of Traditional Chinese. So I use Traditional Chinese for my Chinese blog and tweeting in Chinese.

By the way, my aim to studying Chinese is writing grumble in Chinese. I reached this level in English, but it's difficult in Chinese now. I continue writing in Chinese even if the sentence is too short.


Hum... I fixed RSS setting

I fixed RSS setting.

Maybe it will work. But if something wrong, please send me message.

I build Chinese blog

I'm already writing Chinese on Twitter.

And I'll build Chinese blog. But RSS settings is something wrong. I can't find reason why feedburner can't update RSS.

Anyway, I started Chinese blog. I'm not good at Chinese. So I wrote a little at first.



I'm tired to study

I wrote that I was listening BBC by 4-speed.

I became very tired.
Already I don't have joy to improve to listen English. I thought it was very common thing. I think I don't need to improve my English more.

To do too much is similar to do nothing.


I'm listening BBC in 4-speed

I wrote I listened BBC twice speed maybe.

After 2-speed, I'm be able to listen to BBC 1-speed yesterday.
I thought it's interesting that.

So I'm listening 4-speed of BBC. I don't understand in 4-speed. But 2 days ago, I can't understand 2-speed, and now 3-speed a little. So someday I can understand in 4-speed, and I improve listening skill more.


My nephew's homework will be finished

My nephew's homework of Math was finished yesterday.
The rest is 2 calligraphy what will be taught by a neighborhood who was a teacher.

His family go out to west Japan for 1 and half week, but he can finished.
The day he go back his home is soon.


It's too cool tonight

I woke up at 2:30.

It's too cool a little tonight. 25 degree C. Before bon holiday, it was 34 degree C.
I drank 2 cups of hot coffee, but still cold.

I say suddenly, but I found high speed listening in English is improve normal speed listening.

I'm listening BBC podcast on twice speed, of course I can't take meaning. But when I changed normal speed, I can listen very slowly. Because of my vocabulary, I can't still take meaning on BBC. But I think I can listen easily on English examination. I found a good thing.

Lately, I listen "Kikutan" in daytime, and BBC after evening. So I'll listen BBC twice speed from today.


Rough journal

I didn't know what to write today.
So I wrote what I think roughly on "tosh-jp.com".

My little nephew is my home.
Elder and his mother go out to Tokyo, so we take care little today. Little is always smiling, and we feel happy too.

Today, I reserved a dentist. So I don't eat anything this morning. I'll take a one shot medicine, and become dizzy, so I can't go by car. I always go by bicycle except of rainy day.

On the top of dentist, I'll go to clinic as usual. Thanks to little I'll go to clinic alone today. So I won't ask the doctor deep question today.

Well. It's 3rd day since I quitted beer. Somehow I suddenly quit alcohol. I think if I feel bad mentally and physically, I quit alcohol maybe. I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning since I quitted, and I become high not to want beer. I don't drink coffee for the dentist today, but when I'll be back, I'll drink coffee to become high.


I don't challenge pre1 grade

One more topic.

I don't apply pre1 grade of EIKEN.
I think clearly with coffee yesterday morning. And I found I didn't want to pass the exam, and I just want English skill similar pre1 grade. So I decide not to apply pre1 grade. I'll try 2nd grade for exam fee what I already paid.

Incidentally, I can pass 2nd grade easily maybe.

I have listened "Kikutan" for 10 days

I have 2 topics this morning.

First, I have quitted beer for 48 hour.
I drank coffee all day long yesterday, and I didn't want beer. So I'll also drink coffee much today.

Second, I have listened "Kikutan" CD for 10 days.
Kikutan is a series of vocabill books with CD, I listened 4 books of CD in my playlist during daytime.

I can't recognize my vocabulary is increased. So I'll check books of Kikutan if I memorized the words by now.


I read a manga last night

I read manga after a long time last night.

The manga called "Hyakumanjo Labyrinth" is a very interesting SF story.
I liked this.


I'll challenge past exam again

I wrote that I would try past examination of 2nd grade EIKEN.

The result was 51 point, and I could pass the examination. Minimum passing point is 41 point, and maximum point is maybe 75 point, so I can't say it's very easy to pass, but certainly I'm going to be able to pass the real examination.

Next problem is if I'll apply pre1 grade EIKEN. Deadline is 17th of next month. I have to decide if I apply till the day. I found best solution is trying past examination. so I'll also try past examination of pre1 grade in this morning.


I challenged CASEC last night

I tried a web-based English examination called CASEC last night.

The result was "EIKEN pre2 grade, and TOEIC 515 point". I was shocked because I think that I have a ability to pass easily EIKEN 2nd grade.

After examination, I searched web, and I get a solution to challenge past examination questions on 2nd grade. If I could pass past test, I would really pass.

So I'll try past examination in this morning. If I get good result then I'll apply pre1st grade on the top of 2nd grade. I think I have not to pass pre1st grade, but I'll try any way.

If I can't get good result on past examination today, I'll try only 2nd grade.

Sometimes I think "I can write like this, so I don't need try examination only for measure my English skill."


Cloudy day

Today is cloudy.
It's relatively cool day today.

I don't have what to write in English.
So I'll easily write what I think now.

I have watched Al Jazeera a while ago.
Beauty caster is on Al Jazeera. A caster on Al Jazeera who I loved when she appeared on NHK is very beautiful to want to marry. I wish I could.
But why they don't ware Islamic clothes on Al Jazeera? They aren't muslims?

I got drank all day long yesterday. I drank beer at 11:00 and 18:00.
Since I don't think guilty of drinking in daytime, I feel easy to live.
Of course I study for EIKEN before drinking. On the top of studying before drinking, I listening vocabill cd when I'm drinking.

Sometimes I want to be dull more than feeling mental pain, and not to remember anything bad. So I drink beer in daytime. Lately I rarely remember bad thing what happened for me. But I want to get drank, and to be dull sometimes.

I wrote much more than usual.


I think about beer in this morning

I want to drink beer from morning.

But I don't finish study for EIKEN yet. So I'll start study now, then finish at about 10:00 AM, and I can buy beer at a supermarket.
I feel dull Because of finding I can pass 2nd grade easily. And I still feel it's bon holiday, so I think I can drink beer from morning.

No one stop me drinking.


Bon holiday was ended

Bon holiday is ended in 15th.

But 16th is Sunday, so in general bon holiday last till 16th.
Soul of my family is back to somewhere not here.

Today, It's Monday. I still want to drink beer from morning.
But it's dentist day today. I don't eat even breakfast.
Feeling holiday is still not vanished.


I'll try EIKEN pre-1st grade too

I already applied EIKEN 2nd grade this month.

But I found maybe I can easily pass 2nd grade without waiting examination day. So I'll also vocabill for pre-1st grade with studying for 2nd grade, and try a examination called CASEC at the end of this month. CASEC is web-based examination. I can try CASEC at everytime, and know TOEIC score and a EIKEN level.

Then I can pass over 2nd grade on CASEC, I'll apply pre-1 grade on top of 2nd grade.


I got drank yesterday

Yesterday, I drank 3 cans of beer in the evening.

I got drank much, I said my father that I want to leave from Japan, and to live Holand. and I said that mentality of Japanese in present is no different from time of KAMIKAZE.

It's not good even if I was getting drank.
My father became panic a little.

I drank much to say such a thing yesterday.
I must quit alcohol again?


Bon holiday

From today, it's bon holiday.
My brother picked up my nephew, and go travel to west Japan with his family.
He sent me his sons' picture.

On the other hand, I made a bon alter with my mother.
It's so easy to make. I have made it every year.

Then, I studied for EIKEN.
And I'm drinking alone.

Maybe my cousin will come my home with her baby.
I'm looking forward to meet them.
I like children.


My nephew will go trip tonight

My nephew will go trip with his family tonight.

My brother suddenly get 7 days bon vacation(relatively long in Japan). And He decide to go trip west Japan by car with his family during vacation, so my nephew will go with him.

I afraid that I lead drunker without my nephew.
Studing for EIKEN can't take for more than a hour because of "Study Gear" system limit. So If I study in the morning, I don't have what to do rest of the day.

I ordered a word book for EIKEN 2nd grade called "Kikutan" on Amazon. And I listen Kikutan's CD instead of BBC.

Yesterday I read a grammar book, and it's interesting, so I read the book when I don't have what to do.

I won't drink beer as possible as I can. But I think I may drink before dinner.


It's earthquake day?

I read 2ch summary site yesterday. and I found earthquake will occur in Kanto region today. That is foretold by someone.

Someone's basis is as follows.


Well... 666? O.K. O.K. I know.
Earthquake will not occur today maybe.


I don't mind noises

I found I don't mind noises around my home.

I don't mind noises in service pit of car dealer and noses of traffic in front of my house. Sometimes I feel outlaw's bicycle is noisy, But I don't feel angry, or fear.

I feel it's easy to live. Increasingly I feel better about my life. Someday I'm going to recover from my illness.


I drank beer yesterday and the day before yesterday

I drank beer the day before yesterday.

Before lunch, I drank beer. And afternoon, I drank too.
Without CBD oil, I seem to drink much.
If I have took CBD oil, I couldn't drink more than 1 can of beer.

I drank from 9:00. I drank 2 cans of beer.
I didn't drink more. But I got drank all day long.

Today, I don't want to drink, but I want to eat yakitori with beer.
My nephew's homework is maybe from 16:00. So I can drink now.
Hum... But when I teach someone, I don't have to drink.
I'll take CBD oil now.


It's cool day

I feel "it's cool" is something stylish.

Today is cloudy. it's not hot today.
It'll be about 31 degree. And lately room temperature is 30 degree with air conditioner. So we won't need air conditioner maybe.


About my nephew's homework

Yesterday, my nephew finished 2 homework.

First, "Practice Kanji".
It's writing Kanjis on a workbook to a notebook. For this homework, a examination is after summer vacation. I don't know if my nephew memorized Kanjis.

Second, "Gazing stars".
Last night, When I see the sky in our home, I can see Vega, Deneb, Altair. So I called my nephew, and let him write a worksheet. But speaking of this homework, I can say it's finished by me. it's not good for him. We can finished a difficult homework anyway.

Rest of summer vacation, my nephew is busy, because he has many events. But he can finish all homework with my mother and me.

... I used to finish homework alone in my youth.


My nephew is back to his home now

Yesterday, my mother and I send my nephew to his home.

On the way to his home, we tried his homework, "gazing stars". And he and I can see the stars even on cloudy sky. But my mother can't, because her eyes is old maybe.

My brother's wife and a little nephew (my brother's 2nd son) is at my brother's home. My sister in law and my mother talk about my elder nephew's homework and summer vacation.

On the way to my home, my mother said that my little nephew cried when we stayed a hotel in Yokohama. So My sister in law and my mother was walking the street with him till early morning. She said they were very sleepy 2nd day. I didn't know.

This morning my (elder) nephew is not my home. But he'll play with his friend, and back to my home tonight.


I'll try EIKEN 2nd grade

I applied EIKEN (English examination in Japan) in October.
I chose 2nd grade (2kyu).

I thoght take pre1 grade before. But I don't study for EIKEN. I thought I can't pass 1st test on pre1. So I chose 2nd grade for pass 1st test easier. But I tried web-based study service for EIKEN, I thought "Oh... I can't also pass 2nd grade without study". So I'll study on the service for 2 month every day.

Writing for KDP in English is very difficult now.
My aim of EIKEN is 1st grade. After I pass that, I'll start writing for KDP. But I don't know when I can pass the exam.


We can't see stars

One of my nephew's homework is "Gazing stars".

So, I tried to see star last night. But I found I can't see stars, because many light is around my house.

My mother and I must think where we see stars.


Making account for XRP now

I'm making account for XRP now.

I'm studying about XRP now. So I can't say anything. I can't earn money by XRP trade maybe. I don't entry much money for XRP.

Today I woke up 1:30. I'm sleepy. I'll go to bed again.



I thought I would have "blog holiday" today.
But by strange reason that it's August 1st, I thought I must write a article on my blog.

I have a appetite for CBD oil a little.
When I quitted nicotine without a medical support, I feel like this morning. CBD has a addictive like other strong medicine. Why CBD seller don't say that. I don't feel too strong appetite, but I think about CBD oil wherever in my mind.

But I think it's lucky that the appetite is weak. So I can stop CBD to continue reducing what I have.