Cloudy day

Today is cloudy.
It's relatively cool day today.

I don't have what to write in English.
So I'll easily write what I think now.

I have watched Al Jazeera a while ago.
Beauty caster is on Al Jazeera. A caster on Al Jazeera who I loved when she appeared on NHK is very beautiful to want to marry. I wish I could.
But why they don't ware Islamic clothes on Al Jazeera? They aren't muslims?

I got drank all day long yesterday. I drank beer at 11:00 and 18:00.
Since I don't think guilty of drinking in daytime, I feel easy to live.
Of course I study for EIKEN before drinking. On the top of studying before drinking, I listening vocabill cd when I'm drinking.

Sometimes I want to be dull more than feeling mental pain, and not to remember anything bad. So I drink beer in daytime. Lately I rarely remember bad thing what happened for me. But I want to get drank, and to be dull sometimes.

I wrote much more than usual.

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