I challenged CASEC last night

I tried a web-based English examination called CASEC last night.

The result was "EIKEN pre2 grade, and TOEIC 515 point". I was shocked because I think that I have a ability to pass easily EIKEN 2nd grade.

After examination, I searched web, and I get a solution to challenge past examination questions on 2nd grade. If I could pass past test, I would really pass.

So I'll try past examination in this morning. If I get good result then I'll apply pre1st grade on the top of 2nd grade. I think I have not to pass pre1st grade, but I'll try any way.

If I can't get good result on past examination today, I'll try only 2nd grade.

Sometimes I think "I can write like this, so I don't need try examination only for measure my English skill."

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