My nephew is back to his home now

Yesterday, my mother and I send my nephew to his home.

On the way to his home, we tried his homework, "gazing stars". And he and I can see the stars even on cloudy sky. But my mother can't, because her eyes is old maybe.

My brother's wife and a little nephew (my brother's 2nd son) is at my brother's home. My sister in law and my mother talk about my elder nephew's homework and summer vacation.

On the way to my home, my mother said that my little nephew cried when we stayed a hotel in Yokohama. So My sister in law and my mother was walking the street with him till early morning. She said they were very sleepy 2nd day. I didn't know.

This morning my (elder) nephew is not my home. But he'll play with his friend, and back to my home tonight.

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