My nephew will go trip tonight

My nephew will go trip with his family tonight.

My brother suddenly get 7 days bon vacation(relatively long in Japan). And He decide to go trip west Japan by car with his family during vacation, so my nephew will go with him.

I afraid that I lead drunker without my nephew.
Studing for EIKEN can't take for more than a hour because of "Study Gear" system limit. So If I study in the morning, I don't have what to do rest of the day.

I ordered a word book for EIKEN 2nd grade called "Kikutan" on Amazon. And I listen Kikutan's CD instead of BBC.

Yesterday I read a grammar book, and it's interesting, so I read the book when I don't have what to do.

I won't drink beer as possible as I can. But I think I may drink before dinner.

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