Rough journal

I didn't know what to write today.
So I wrote what I think roughly on "tosh-jp.com".

My little nephew is my home.
Elder and his mother go out to Tokyo, so we take care little today. Little is always smiling, and we feel happy too.

Today, I reserved a dentist. So I don't eat anything this morning. I'll take a one shot medicine, and become dizzy, so I can't go by car. I always go by bicycle except of rainy day.

On the top of dentist, I'll go to clinic as usual. Thanks to little I'll go to clinic alone today. So I won't ask the doctor deep question today.

Well. It's 3rd day since I quitted beer. Somehow I suddenly quit alcohol. I think if I feel bad mentally and physically, I quit alcohol maybe. I drink 3 cups of coffee every morning since I quitted, and I become high not to want beer. I don't drink coffee for the dentist today, but when I'll be back, I'll drink coffee to become high.

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