I have "Asage" this winter

I have instant soba midnight every winter.
But I have instant miso soup from this winter, because it's low calorie.

I like Nagatanien's Asage. Asage means breakfast. It's strange to have Asage at midnight, but it's tasty.


I'm heavy this morning

I'm heavy this morning.
I want to do nothing.


I received 2.1ch speaker

I received 2.1ch speaker yesterday.

It's easy to install. I set up Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iPhone.
I can change connection each devices.

That's good sound.
I present enough by 6000 yen.


I ordered 2.1ch wireless speaker

I'm too tired to write blog in foreign language because of making over my room.

I don't write detail, but I ordered 2.1ch wireless speaker. It's enable to listen Mac mini, Mac Book Pro, iPhone, TV on same speaker. I'm going to like it.


I want 4K display

Suddenly I want 4K display.

I made over my room suddenly this morning. After finished, I tried clam shell mode of my Mac Book Pro. My display is something indistinct after watching retina display. So I want to buy good display, and I found 4K display is cheaper a little than before. But still expensive for me.

I wait to buy 4K till it will be very cheap.


I drank beer yesterday, but

I drank beer yesterday after 4 days.

But beer after long time was not tasty. Maybe I forgot beer's taste. I feel coffee is the best drink. So I'll quit alcohol again from today.


I have quitted alcohol for 3 days

I don't drink beer now.

After I bought coffee maker, I don't want to drink beer. And I have quitted beer for 3 days. Now 4th day.

I have 6 can of beer yet, so I'm going to drink someday, maybe today or tomorrow. But I'm surprised coffee is stopping me drinking alcohol daytime.


I don't study for EIKEN now

I haven't studied English for EIKEN for 2 weeks.

I can say "I'm studying English", because I listen BBC World and Kikutan everyday. But I don't study for exam, so I don't sure to pass exam. I could get enough point on old exam 2 weeks ago. But not to study for exam is not good for real exam. I'm worry. But I'm also thinking it's no worth to pass 2nd grade EIKEN, because I already prove ability for 2nd grade on old exam.

Next Eiken held about 1 month after.


I drank much coffee

I received coffee maker yesterday.

After I received, I made 6 cups of coffee 2 times. I already drank 3 cups of coffee before I made.

I maybe became acute caffein poisoning...

But I'm drinking coffee again this morning. I made 10 cups of coffee. It's about 4 Starbucks mags of coffee. I already feel something strange.

But good thing is in my life.
I didn't want drink beer little.
I got drank by caffein.


I'll receive coffee maker

I bought a coffee maker on Yodobashi.com yesterday, and I'll receive today.

I drink coffee much lately, Starbucks' solo filter is not fit for my life. The coffee maker can make 10 cups of coffee, and the pot can keep warm.

But I worry if the coffee maker is too big. 10 cups of coffee is much. So I think the body is too big.