TOEIC test day

Today is TOEIC test day.

I don't prepared enough for the test, but I have studied every day. I have listened BBC  radio4 and Radio Australia, I have studied NHK radio English, and I have written this blog.

I aim 600 point on this test. Maybe I can mark that, but I took TOEIC test before over 10 years ago. I marked 580 points on practice test.


Minus interest?

I'll write about Japanese stock market because I have nothing to write.

Yesterday's market is shaken between upward and downward because BOJ's president said about minus interest between bank and central bank.

I was with my mother and my little nephew, and watching ETF price when the president say that. Suddenly my revenue is increased. I knew that BOJ meeting held, and I recognized there was good surprise. I was pleasure my account was increased. But the revenue increasingly decrease. I think "oh, round trip market".

In the end, Tokyo market is closed upward.

*: I wrote "zero interest", but it's mistake. I knew "minus interest".


It may be snow?

It may be snow in wether forecast.

If forecast is right, it's snow now. But nothing happened in my area. It may not be snow today.

Basically south Kanto region don't have snow.


I bought Nikkei ETF

I bought Nikkei leverage EFT yesterday.
I spent about 1/3 of my budget of stock market.

Yesterday, I suddenly felt dizzy when I studied NHK radio English. I thought that this is pressure of stock market. I thought ETF must be sold for my health. But I felt better after about 3 hours.

By the way, my nephews will come to my home, because my brother's wife will go to ceremony for her uncle. I must study English as early as possible today.


NintendoDS TOEIC soft

I found NintendoDS soft for TOEIC, in my shelf. I tried the soft, and I thought to prepare TOEIC by the test day.

But I can't remember why I couldn't continue studying by the soft. I saw that I couldn't listen the listening part. I found studying record in the soft is stopped I studied a few part of listening. It's the summer in last year that I was able to listen BBC.

And I found my weak point of part 3, 4 in TOEIC.
I read a question before a conversation, but I'm not good at this technique. And sometimes I read a question with listening a conversation. I heard that male brain can't do multiple thing. So I must concentration a conversation when part 3, 4. I heard that the master of listening , of course, can listen with reading.


It's chilly this morning too

It's chilly and mostly sunny.

South Kanto region has no snow and no cloud. So It'll be warm at noon. But It's chilly now. Heating oil in my heater was short. So I went out to refuel.

I've ordered 2 text book for quick response now. It'll arrive at evening today. The book which I've used has a little strange expression in English. So I ordered better one.


Next Sunday is TOEIC test

It's very chilly this morning.
it was 7C in my room.

Next Sunday is TOEIC test. But internet declines my motivation to study English again. A school of thought says that almost Japanese don't need to study English.

Internet says that just only global leaders need English in Japan. and says "remember you haven't used English in your local town". So I thought I don't need English.

But I'll continue to study English with my thought.


I lose a sense of English

I wrote blog article in Japanese.

And I lose a sense of English. I can't think in English. It's strange sense.

But I can say that once I can get a sense of English. I'd like to continue studying English.

I could get new sense

I woke up at early morning.

Suddenly I feel that I'm thinking in English. I recognized it suddenly. Maybe I could get new sense of English. English sentence is popping up in my brain. OMG.

But I'm thinking in English like child. So my strait English is very simple. But I get a sense of English.

It's great day today. Year!
I'm thinking in English like child!


I don't have any ETF yet

In fact, I've not bought any stock yet.

I wonder if I buy nikkei leverage ETF at open yesterday. But I don't believe my chart, and thought that it remain plunge. But rallied.

I'm still thinking that yesterday's candle stick is bakesen of sakata gohou. Bakesen is fake rally. If it remain rally, I'll buy on dips.

Stock market is difficult.
I think I quit trade before buy stock.


It's time to buy?

I have nothing to write.
So I write about Japanese stock market.

I've made original chart before. I checked the chart now, and I wonder that 'it's time to buy'. I've decided time to buy by Sakata Gohou. Sakata Gohou is candle stick patterns. I expanded that. That's my top secret.

Of course I don't buy once. I'll separately buy 3 times.


I have nothing to write

Literally I don't have what to write.
...I thought a few minute.

I intent to be back stock market. I'll buy Nikkei ETF when plunge turns rally. In elliot wave principle, If plunge end, it won't be low than the level.

I have ever studied elliot wave principle, and I recognized Nikkei 225 is follow the principle. I can say it with confidence. Of course I don't say 'you should buy'. Though you'd be beaten in stock market because of my thought, I don't have responsibility.


Painful stomatitis

I have a stomatitis now.

Maybe I'm vitamin B shortage, because I quitted eating rice at breakfast and dinner. I get not only better waistline but a stomatitis.

By the way, I have an admission ticket for TOEIC test. But suddenly I didn't want to take the test. Maybe I can't mark over 600 points.


Snow didn't fall

Yesterday it was snow in Kanto region.

But in our town it wasn't snow, though our town is in Kanto region. So we didn't have confusion by snow.

Our town has no problem by whether anytime.


Practice test 580 points...

Yesterday I tried TOEIC practice test.

I marked 580 points. I didn't reached 600 points that is next test's aim.
Listening 310 points, reading 270 points. I felt before that I can get over 400 points in the listening section. but I can't.

I googled about listening skill, and I found that listening skill has 2 stages, 1st stage is that I can listen English only as sound, and 2nd stage is that I can also take meaning. Maybe I'm on 1st stage. So I must train to take meaning.

I googled more, and I found that "quick response" is good for 2nd stage. That is also called "shunkan eisakubun" in Japan. In particular, I read a Japanese sentence, then I speak the English sentence that is translated the Japanese sentence.

Fortunately I bought a book about quick response before. So I'll use the book.

I tried 20 sentences of quick response yesterday. Of course I didn't change myself dramatically. But I'll try 20 sentences every day. It's too easy, but I think that it's difficult to continue.


Dondo Yaki

Yesterday was Dondo Yaki.

Neighbourhood got together for burn bringers of good luck and bake dangos. And my nephew burned paper of calligraphy for new year by himself. Dondo Yaki is held on paddy like this;

I heard that I never catch a cold this year because I eat the dango baked on the fire.


I entered Amazon Prime

Yesterday is cutoff day of my credit card.

I buy which I'd like this morning. And I applied Amazon Prime again. Last month I applied Amazon prime, but the charge day is 15/Jan/2016 that is cutoff date of my credit card. So I quitted once, and entered again this morning. Then I'll not be worry about 3900 yen of every January's budget. Of course I'll pay for February's purchase.

And I bought a bunker ring, and NHK radio English class's mp3s.

I'd have like a bunker ring. (I wonder if this sentence's grammar is good) I'll try it for my iPhone6 and Kindle Pater White, and I decide to buy one more. It'll be good for who has short finger like me.

NHK radio English class's mp3s were downloaded. I already have a real text book. I'll be able to study English next month.


Anker's waterproof speaker

I wrote that I'd like iPhone7, and bunker ring. Now I'd like a Anker's Bluetooth waterproof speaker.

I'd like to listen to BBC Radio 6 in the bath. So I thought to try a ziplock for my iPhone6. but I feel that maybe it'll be broken. So finaly I've not tried a ziplock. Next time I thought to try waterproof speaker. But I couldn't find a best product.

Recently I found on Hackadoll that a Anker's speaker is on sell in Amazon. I liked a Anker's mobile buttery when I played Ingress. So I'll like the speaker. But the speaker is not in Amazon. I couldn't find it. After several day, I found it, but it's "delivery after 3-5 weeks". I thought that this is a revelation not to spend money.


Chilly morning

I wake up at between 6am and 7am.

It's chilly morning today. Recently I feel difficulty to wake up at morning. Even though I have sweated in bed sometimes, it's very chilly at morning.

It's 10 degree at morning. A heater's thermometer indicate 7 degree. I put on a down best, and I felt warm. Is it true that Japanese house can't warm enough, so Russian house is warmer than Japan?

It's about 2 weeks that I have been writing blog article in English again. As ever I'm writing strange English. What is good solution?


I'd like bunker ring

I'd like a bunker ring.

I found this in a YouTube video, and I want, because my fingers is too short. If I use this, maybe I can use iPhone only left hand. Of course I can use both of hands, but I'd like to feel like a parson with long fingers.

But many similar item is on amazon.co.jp. If these has no difference, I can buy cheeper one. But cheeper is something wrong maybe. So I'll buy a bunker ring.


Eating weed (not marijuana)

I got up late, because I pop up "eating weed" in my dream.

in this article, weed is not marijuana. I mean grass growing on a road, or a bank by a river. I googled "食べられる雑草(eatable weed)". And I found many weeds can eat. So I'll stroll around my home, and I'll found eatable weed.


I have backache

As written in a title, recently I have backache.

Several years ago, I suddenly felt strong backache. After that, it stopped and restarted. And now I feel a little backache, though I don't do nothing.

My mother say that the reason is workout shortage. I haven't workout since February in last year. I had played Ingress with my bicycle for 2 month. But I don't want to play Ingress again. I have to find a good excise.


I'd like iPhone7

Recently, I'd like iPhone7.

As I have a SIM-free iPhone6 without phone carrier's loan, I don't need to buy every 2 years. But I feel it's time to buy another iPhone. Apple's products is seem to be bought every 2 years.

I checked account book last night, and I found that I'll be able to buy iPhone7 if I won't spend money for others. 

I'd like SIM-free iPhone7 64G. I had had 16G, but it's inconvenient to take a movie and to listen to music.  I'll possibly buy 128G.


Job day in US

I watched Bloomberg last night.

Yesterday is Job day in US. I thought that the world economy still depends on  spend power in US.

I don't have what to write today.


I went to tengu's temple

As I wrote yesterday, My parent and I went to a temple.

The temple is known that tengu made.
These are tengu's footware;

This is tengu;


My nephew back to his home yesterday

My nephew had stayed my home about for 2 weeks.
He back to his home yesterday.

He finished his homework yesterday, too. He was taught writing by my neighborhood who was a Japanese teacher, And he wrote "This Year's Aim". He wrote better than I write in Japanese.

My nephew's school begins tomorrow.

Today, My parents and I go to a temple for new year prayer. I don't know good expression of "hatsu moude". In short, We'll be given a prayer by buddhism priests.


My nephew's holiday

My nephew's winter holiday is by tomorrow.

His homework will be maybe finished. I have helped his homework every long holiday. Recently he's better at Math. So homework of Math is finished for 1day. But he don't have willing to do other homework. But he finished anyway.


Maybe I'll mark 650 on TOEIC

My English listening skill is slowly improving.

I begin listening to English broadcast in May in last year. I have listened to NHK world, BBC radio, Bloomberg, and Al-Jazeera all day long from May.

I listened a CD of TOEIC pre-test book last night. I could listen over 90% of part 1 and 2. From scores I marked on the book before, I can mark over 400 points on listening section. So I'll mark over 650 points maybe. I improved English reading, too. So I can aim to 730 points.

This is counting chickens before they are hatched.


About Sankarea

I don't have material for today's article. So I'll remark a manga.

I began to read this manga from my hometown's festival in last year. Actually, this manga's stage is based my home town. Author of Sankarea have visited my home town for getting a idea. In last year's festival, cosplay event held, because my hometown is holyland of Sankarea. My hometown's landscape is drown in Sankarea.

Sankarea's story is "A girl become zombie by a boy". It's awful for my town's story. But This manga is very interesting. Why can he make a Zombie? Why can a zombie girl remain her beauty? Will she eat him?


I had dango

I went to Oiso for a little preparation yesterday. It was beautiful day to go out. Shonan region had many people for Hakone Ekiden.

I came by Odawara on the way to home.
And I had this at a cafe;

I had dango and green tea.
These are very delicious.


Growing Marijuana

I have read a kindle book in English.

Growing Marijuana;
Useless knowledge in Japan. If We've grown marijuana in Japan. We'd arrested for 5 years jail. For marijuana, Japan is one of the most terrible country all over the world. But maybe Japan will change restrict law of marijuana by several years, because UNGASS 2016 of UN is change danger rate of marijuana, So We will be able to grow marijuana in Japan legally.

I wrote a blog article in English after a long time.
I'll write in English every morning.