I entered Amazon Prime

Yesterday is cutoff day of my credit card.

I buy which I'd like this morning. And I applied Amazon Prime again. Last month I applied Amazon prime, but the charge day is 15/Jan/2016 that is cutoff date of my credit card. So I quitted once, and entered again this morning. Then I'll not be worry about 3900 yen of every January's budget. Of course I'll pay for February's purchase.

And I bought a bunker ring, and NHK radio English class's mp3s.

I'd have like a bunker ring. (I wonder if this sentence's grammar is good) I'll try it for my iPhone6 and Kindle Pater White, and I decide to buy one more. It'll be good for who has short finger like me.

NHK radio English class's mp3s were downloaded. I already have a real text book. I'll be able to study English next month.

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