Anker's waterproof speaker

I wrote that I'd like iPhone7, and bunker ring. Now I'd like a Anker's Bluetooth waterproof speaker.

I'd like to listen to BBC Radio 6 in the bath. So I thought to try a ziplock for my iPhone6. but I feel that maybe it'll be broken. So finaly I've not tried a ziplock. Next time I thought to try waterproof speaker. But I couldn't find a best product.

Recently I found on Hackadoll that a Anker's speaker is on sell in Amazon. I liked a Anker's mobile buttery when I played Ingress. So I'll like the speaker. But the speaker is not in Amazon. I couldn't find it. After several day, I found it, but it's "delivery after 3-5 weeks". I thought that this is a revelation not to spend money.

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