NintendoDS TOEIC soft

I found NintendoDS soft for TOEIC, in my shelf. I tried the soft, and I thought to prepare TOEIC by the test day.

But I can't remember why I couldn't continue studying by the soft. I saw that I couldn't listen the listening part. I found studying record in the soft is stopped I studied a few part of listening. It's the summer in last year that I was able to listen BBC.

And I found my weak point of part 3, 4 in TOEIC.
I read a question before a conversation, but I'm not good at this technique. And sometimes I read a question with listening a conversation. I heard that male brain can't do multiple thing. So I must concentration a conversation when part 3, 4. I heard that the master of listening , of course, can listen with reading.

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