Practice test 580 points...

Yesterday I tried TOEIC practice test.

I marked 580 points. I didn't reached 600 points that is next test's aim.
Listening 310 points, reading 270 points. I felt before that I can get over 400 points in the listening section. but I can't.

I googled about listening skill, and I found that listening skill has 2 stages, 1st stage is that I can listen English only as sound, and 2nd stage is that I can also take meaning. Maybe I'm on 1st stage. So I must train to take meaning.

I googled more, and I found that "quick response" is good for 2nd stage. That is also called "shunkan eisakubun" in Japan. In particular, I read a Japanese sentence, then I speak the English sentence that is translated the Japanese sentence.

Fortunately I bought a book about quick response before. So I'll use the book.

I tried 20 sentences of quick response yesterday. Of course I didn't change myself dramatically. But I'll try 20 sentences every day. It's too easy, but I think that it's difficult to continue.

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