I marked 650 points maybe

I tried TOEIC practice test yesterday.

Listening:raw score72 adjusted score300-385
Reading:raw score66 adjusted score260-355

Maybe I can think I marked 650 points. Not like the practice test I took before, The practice test indicates only score range. Thinking I marked 650 points, I could gain 75 points than the test I took in 31 January.


I'll try prepare test again

1 month past since I took TOEIC test.

I'll try TOEIC's prepare test again, so maybe my English skill is improved a little maybe. My aim is still 600 points.

My bowel is something wrong. I think I'm taking medicines, and it's killing good bacteria.

In last year, I didn't catch a cold, because I had 2 yakults every day. Thanks to good bacteria, I didn't have any sick through year.


I went to clinic

I caught a cold 3 days ago.

At first, I feel something wrong in the evening. And I feel better next day morning. Then I feel wrong again in the evening 2 days ago. So I went to clinic yesterday.

I gave medicines. And I feel better this morning again.


I drank beer too much

I drank three 350ml can of beer last night.
And Suddenly slept.

I remember nothing.


I marked under 600

I checked the score of TOEIC in January.

It was
listening 310
reading 265
total 575

I was disappointed by myself.
My aim in April is also over 600.

I'll update in the afternoon

Today is TOEIC score day.
I'll write this blog article after checking the score.


It's warm

It's warm this morning. 14C in my room.
According to whether forecast, It's very warm today, and It'll be chilly tomorrow.

The day of TOEIC score is tomorrow. I feel very scary. I'm afraid if I marked under 600 points.

By the way, for TOEIC in April, I'll try official workbook next Sunday. I took the test 3 weeks ago, and maybe I improved English skill.


I bought tumbler

I bought a tumbler. It'll be here by noon.
The beer's can is soaked every time in summer. So this tumbler is good for me.

TOEIC score in January will be revealed next Monday. I thought it's too late, but I think it's scary now. If I marked under 600 points, I'll feel so bad.


TOEIC official workbook

I reserved TOEIC official workbook yesterday.

I intended to buy it a bookstore near my home. But yet arrived, and a attendant says 3 of this workbooks will be there in next Saturday. So I reserved it.

I wonder if what I write is truly right. Sometimes I don't think English grammer when I write this blog's article. Thanks to "A Japanese life in strange English", I can confidently make a mistake in my article. But I wonder if someone feel bad about this blog.

I'm trying to reduce sugar in gogo no koucha milk tea from this morning.

I'm drinking a half of bottle. Another half of bottle will be for tomorrow. It's too short to be satisfied. But It's bad for my health to take sugar too much.


I don't have anything to write

BBC Radio4's sitcom on 11:30AP GMT Wednesday started last week. And 2nd episode was yesterday. I can't get fast English of the sitcom.

My aim of English is;

1. Can listen to BBC Radio4, and Bloomberg TV.
2. Can read the Economist easily.

So at least I must be able to listen the sitcom.
But I can't now.


7310 words

I also don't have what to write.

This morning I woke up a little later.
Oh. I really don't have what to write.

So I tried Vocabulary test for today's article.
This is result.

7310 words is batter result than I thought. Maybe I know relatively difficult word than I checked in word list. This result says I can pass EIKEN pre1 grade, or mark over 730 points in TOEIC Test.

I thought a little I have to try EIKEN except for TOEIC test.


I bought a cloth cap

I bought a cloth cap.

I have 2 cloth cap, but the cap for winter is bad feeling to wear. And I've worn those for several years. So I bought new one. That's for all season. So I don't need more caps. Of course someday I'll buy another one, so I can have many caps. But now I want to think this one only.

I'm member of Amazon prime. I can receive that in the afternoon maybe.


It's also warm this morning

It's relatively warm this morning.
I don't need kotatsu.

I can't wait TOEIC score which I took in January. I can check after 7 days, next Monday. I want TOEIC to send score more fast. But TOEIC score is calculated  statistically. Maybe it needs much time, I think.

Today's Nikkei is going to rebound, I see. It plunge 3 days, and in this pattern it will be rebound. But I won't buy ETF now. I'll buy 2nd wave on eliot wave principle.


Too warm...

It's too warm today.

It's 20C in my room. I don't need heater this morning. It'll be chilly tomorrow, according to whether forecast.

By the way, I read English news every evening. I found that reading English became fun. I can read easy English like BBC News. As usual, it's hard to listen to native speaker's English. But next TOEIC's reading section will be better.


It's warm

I woke up at 2:30AM.

It was too warm to keep sleeping. So I got up and listened BBC Radio, and music in iTunes. Recently I have not listened music. I was dizzy when I started listening to music.

I become sleepy.

It'll be warm today and tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, it'll be cold again.


I don't have what to write again

I don't have what to write.
I'll write what I think.

USD/JPY is falling to 112. And CME Nikkei225 is around 15000. I think that it was better to losscut and lose 6% of budget.

Spring comes soon. Festivals will be held round my town. In my town, many old hina dolls will be displayed in old house. Neighbor town, Sakura Festival will be held, and many people come the town.

Recently I'm watching Bloomberg TV when I write blog articles. Usually I can't understand what they say. Will the day to understand perfectly all English come?


I'm memorizing English words

I started memorizing English word from Monday.

I found that a word memorized was in Bloomberg TV. I recognized Kikutan TOEIC990 is a nice word list.

As usual, I can hear sound of English words in TV and Radio, But I can't understand meaning of English. I'm studying every day. So maybe I'm going to understand English. But sometimes I think it's too late to master English. Could someone master English in 42 years old.


I sold ETF and lost 6%

I sold nikkei leverage ETF yesterday thanks to terrible plunge.

Sakata gohou is not sure for today's market? I lost 6% of my budget for market. I aim under 15000 next time.


Nikkei225 is plunging

As you know, I didn't sell ETF yesterday. And I buy ETF more.

I woke up, and checked CME nikkei225. It's plunging...
Yesterday's daily chart indicates turning rally in sakata gohou. Why is such a thing  happened.

In the end, I spent 2/3 of trading budget, and I'll follow a original plan to buy and hold. I'm going to have to hold for long time.


I didn't sell ETF

It seemed I'll sell ETF, But I didn't sell.

I see that Nikkei225 down to 16400. if less than 16400, it'll be 15600, if less than 15600, it'll be14800.

But I didn't sell.


I forgot I have ETF this weekend. I was happy.
So I didn't think I have to losscut or not.

I think it's better to losscut when the price of ETF is lower than last trading day. But if higher, my view of sakata gohou is right. then I don't need losscut.

By the way, Is it true that the demand of engineer is boosting recently? I read this. I was a computer engineer. But I had a disorder when I worked for a company. I'm afraid of having a job because of the experience.


I could understand news in English?

Recently I watch Bloomberg in the morning, and I listen to BBC Radio 4 in the afternoon. I have been listening to news in English all the day from May 2015.

I felt that I could understand English on BBC Radio more than usual. But I thought that I'm short of vocabulary. My vocabulary is about 6400 words now.

Actually, I would restart memorizing English words in February. But I felt I don't need vocabulary when I take TOEIC test in January. So I didn't restart. But I felt that I must memorize more words yesterday when I was listening to BBC.

So I'll start memorize English words from tomorrow.


I bought ETF, but...

I bought nikkei leverage ETF yesterday.

I thought that weekly chart is good on sakata gohou. But I felt that I took mistake, after I bought. And This morning, I checked CME nikkei 225 future. It's become lower. But I wonder that it's better to losscut. At first, I'll buy and hold, but I sold and take profit. So I can hold and don't have to sell this time.

By the way, I felt that Labor report was relatively positive. But market is negative. Why? Trading robots (software) recognize it was negative?


Nikkei225 is plunging...

I checked CME Nikkei future. Nikkei225 is plunging...

I don't have any stock and ETF. But I didn't think this situation. I'll buy ETF when someone stops this plunge.

By the way, I don't wait score of TOEIC test in 31 January. I'm going to mark 600 points, but by any chance it will be under 600 points. I can't read the score.


I sold ETF yesterday

I sold leverage EFT at opening yesterday.

A sign of top was in 2/February. So, in 3/February, I thought to sell and try again. Nikkei is remaining declining for good or bad. I'll buy again after restart rally.

By the way, I felt dizzy from the day after yesterday. And I thought that 4K display is too near, so I feel dizzy. But I felt better dramatically after I took a medicine. I'm hay fever.


I was dizzy yesterday

I put 4K display on my desk the day before yesterday.

But I felt dizzy yesterday. Maybe 4K display was too near me on my desk. So I moved 4K display there.

I removed TV and put 4K display.


I bought 4K display

I bought JapanNext's 4K display. I connected with MacBook Pro 2014.

I was using MacBook Pro like this.

I put the 4K display like this.

I couldn't let the 4K display output 60Hz. I struggled it, but I found that MacBook Pro 2014 can't output 4K@60Hz but 4K@30Hz. But I could output like retina display with my setting.

I liked this display though this display had a little downside. For example, sticky tape was on the logo on front panel, and the display's body is shaken when the display's button is pushed.

The display is 41,444yen at Amazon.co.jp.


TOEIC test in January

TOEIC test ended yesterday.

I feel that listening section was more difficult than I think, and reading section was easier than the practice test that I tried. I'm optimistic about getting 600 point. But 15 years ago, I felt very easy, and I marked 350 points...

I'd like to take TOEIC in April to keep the motivation to study English. I think it's a little too frequency, but I took EIKEN 2nd grade in October. Maybe once three month is better than once 6 month.