Blink and GR

I started reading Blink, and will restart reading Mandarin GR.

I stopped reading King's IT, which I can't intake in my mind smoothly. and I started reading Blink. I've already read over 60 pages before breakfast this morning. The book is relatively easy for me, although I felt it difficult to read smoothly before.

From today, I restart to read Mandarin GR (Graded Reader) to improve my Mandarin ability. I have bought over 10 of GR, which costs over 10k yen, so I need to complete them anyway regardless of whether I like or not.


I talked with a young woman.

I talked with a young woman, and our mothers.

As I wrote, I met a neighbor. She is tall like a fashion model, and I found her only 27 years old. I've been 44 years old this month. Where we talked was the living room in my home with our mothers. It was a strange situation.

She talked about two trips, NewYork and Singapore. She said both of them was stand alone trip. She seemed to be fee-minded person. I envy her because I lost my professional life by too much stress when I was her age.

She, and her mother, literally talked about her travel and left our home after about one hour. A interesting person is near my home.


Meeting a neighbor

I'm going to meet a woman, who is neighbor.

Suddenly, I was asked to meet a woman by my mother. She is running English school for kids and she loves going abroad. But she has nobody who talk with about those things.

My neighbor A know that I went to Singapore recently through my nephew. And her mother B talked Mrs A that she traveled Singapore about 1 month before me, and also talked her suffering. Mrs A said Mrs B that I have been to Singapore. Right after that, Mrs B went to my house, and asked my mother to ask me. How complicated that is.

I don't know whether a young woman, at least younger than me, appreciates talking with middle-aged man. What will happen?


Fine weather

Actually I was in bad shape in my mind the day before yesterday. But it was fine weather yesterday, and I had some walking outside, and then I got better.

I don't have anything this morning. I don't literally have anything to write.

Yesterday, I completely returned to my usual life. Learning languages, have a walk, reading books. Japan is peaceful spring, and a little colder than Singapore, where it's always hot. Singapore was nice, but life in Japan is great for me anyway.

I want to go somewhere.


The Life Project

I don't usually have anything to write this morning.

I finished reading a book named The Life Project. It's written about cohort study in the UK. And I was moved their effort to improve national life.

I began to read a book named IT, written by Stephan King. I guess that it's famous around the world. It has over 1300 pages, and I wonder I could finish reading it.


My recommendation in learning languages

I don't have anything to write this morning because I have already written what I want to write.

I bought a series of Mandarin GR (Graded Reader), and I'll receive them today. I began to think extensive reading is crucial after reaching a certain degree of language skill. So I want to say that you need to read a lot after you reached A2 or B1 in each languages.


Happy reading

I usually read English book this morning. And I found that I got about 2 times of reading ability in English.

I usually read 10 pages a hour in the early morning. And I read 18 pages a hour this morning.

I got it with a trip for a week. But yesterday was more incredibly great. So I'll lose the skill sometime maybe. It's SIKATANAI matter of course. It's not Dragon Ball.



I'll restart daily English and Mandarin training.

Interestingly, my reading ability is improved after trip to Singapore. I had hard time to read English book there, though. In Singapore, I found myself struggle to read book in English that I bring from Japan, but I'm now reading aloud in my mind very fast.

I returned Japan on Saturday, and then I had a rest watching videos with AppleTV. I found that my listening ability is improved. Going abroad improves English ability anyway.

But my Mandarin wasn't improved at all.


At home

I get back from Singapore.

I'm home now. I arrived at Haneda airport around 6 AM.

Singapore was totally great experience for me, except for dehydrate by heat. I lost a day, but I could see all where I wanted to see. My English was enough to convey what I want to say, so I had a confidence of English as a tourist. But Singlish was highly difficult for me.

Joyful trip was ended. I'll return daily life in Japan.


Singapore 3rd day

Yasterday was a little tough.

I walked from Marlion Park to Singapore Flyer. It was too hot for me. Afternoon I walked around Fort Canning Park. And I caught scole. Consumed energy was over 800 kcal yesterday.

I’ll have a rest today. I’ll buy souvenirs for everyone in Japan.


Singapore, 2nd day

After 7 hours of heavy flight, I reached Singapore.

I’m staying a hotel near Orchard road. Here is a mixture of Ginza, Harajuku and Odaiba in Japan (of course it’s my feeling). People are energetic and looks very happy. Dinner was a little expensive for rural Japanese like me.

My English works here in Singapore, but listening thier English is a little tough. It’s my problem of English ability, of course. But my so-called ‘customers’ English’ works anyway.


I'm a happy man

I'm going to leave home tomorrow.

Finally tomorrow. This time tomorrow, I'm at the airport, and finished check-in maybe. I'm going on a trip for about 1 week. I'm a very happy man to experience new thing at my age.

Maybe I'll not update this blog tomorrow. But by some chance, I could.


Extensive reading is great

My reading ability is improving, even in my native language.

I've been reading English books every day. Recently I'm reading The Life Project. I get up at 5 AM, and start reading until 6 AM. After walking exercise around 10 AM, I continue to read. Usually I finish to read about 30-50 pages everyday.

Surprisingly, reading English books improves Japanese reading ability. Japanese is my native language. I could lately read 2 books in Japanese very fast. Maybe it's so-called reading fast (sokudoku, 速読). But in Japanese, it's tough to read vertical sentences, because my eyeball is optimized to read horizontal sentences for reading English books.

Anyway, extensive reading improves unexpected aspect of human ability. I recommend it.


What hard working needs

I don't have enough time to write English entry, because I took much time to write Japanese entry.

I lead a hard working day, mainly studying English and Chinese. And I can't continue these if I can't have decent sleep, nutrition, working out. I remember when I worked for a system integrator, which was terrible.


GR, listening while reading

I found good method for GR.
I know that's not special.

I'm reading Chinese GR, Wrong Wrong Wrong. It's still tough for me to read. I'm reading aloud in my mind, and after 2 pages, I tired. Then I read the book while listening the book. (I don't have appropriate expression) I found it's great way to read Mandarin correctly.

The method is already famous by Amazon English, which is out of service. And I slightly come to think that one of the best way to learn language is using this method after becoming A2 or B1 level with some method.

Of course, simple extensive reading itself is great way to develop your language ability. I'm amateur of SLA, I don't know certain thing.


I got GR

I'll read Chinese GR.

I received the Chinese Graded Reader(GR) which I wrote yesterday.

The book has CD and found MP3 in it. Maybe they're saying "listen while reading". The kanji don't have pinyin at all but have notes lower part of pages, so you can also reading aloud. I thought that the book is a little thin, but after reading a few pages, I found that it's appropriate size.

I'll read this book anyway. And I'll get another if I liked it.
I got this↓


Chinese GR

I ordered Chinese GR.

Yesterday, I suddenly thought that I also need extensive reading in Mandarin. So I ordered a Chinese GR, which was named "Chinese Breeze Series". I chose level1. Level1 needs 300 words vocabulary, which maybe equivalent to HSK 2Q. I'll get more Chinese GR if I like it.


Thinking next week

I have no particular thing to write this morning.

Next week, I'm going to be at airport. I want to admire myself, saying "You really go abroad alone?". For many people, it's not special, though.

I've recently been speaking in English since Eiken test. So "can I speak English?" again. Sometimes I simulate talking in English at several situation in my mind, and it's probably good. So I never worry about speaking English in Singapore as a tourist.

I'll spend daily life this week, like reading aloud English and Chinese, extensive reading English books and watching videos with AppleTV.


Finished The 100-year Life

I finished reading The 100-year Life, and started reading Zero to One.

I forgot to write this blog entry because of holiday.

I wake up at 5 o'clock, and finished reading The 100-year Life. It's curious for middle-aged like me, saying about growing longevity and changing life planning and society and company. Changing I-have-to-be is reassuring for me, because I already failed my life in my 20s, and because by some chance I can restart my life again in a new value. Anyway I finished it.

And I went to Starbucks near my home, and began to read Zero to One. I already read 30 pages there. It seems to be interesting, but a little thin book for me. I've been gradually familiar with extensive reading, and come to think 'the thicker the better'. Being able to finish early is good or bad for each people, of course.


Mandarin training

Japanese can be good at Mandarin.

I can say my Mandarin Study is progressing, but reading aloud method is depressing. Reading aloud is too tough and less fruitful now. So yesterday's after-1-week review was postponed.

Quick response training is good for me to study Mandarin. I can say easy Mandarin sentences naturally, for example 你吃早饭吗?( Did you have breakfast?) When it comes to Mandarin, practical training is suited for me.

My training period of Mandarin was about 3 month now. I'll take HSK Level 3 in June, which I heard is about B1. Mandarin is relatively easy for Japanese like me. Japanese know Japanese 漢字 (Kanji), so we can recognize Mandarin's 汉语 (han yu) a little. So beginner level of Mandarin is very easy. Instead of not being good at English, I can be good at Mandarin.

Of course, Japanese is terrible at pronunciation and listening.


Where to visit

I began to think where to visit in Singapore.

I watched YouTube video of Singapore, most of them are Japanese YouTuber's vlog. And I found that Singapore seems to be very urban city. I thought that I would avoid to visit those kind of part of Singapore. Because I'm not afford to spend money there. But after watching the video, I'm very keen to see them.

Actually I've not still decided where to visit, except of Merlion and Singapore Flyer. After that, I'll walking around China Town or something. And I want to see bookstores in Singapore.


Prepared for a trip

I don't have particular thing to write this morning.

As I wrote in main blog, I'll go on a trip to Singapore next next week. I already prepared most things, except for packing items just before leaving home.

I'll write this blog if I could exchange SIM in my iPad mini. I won't bring my MacBook while this trip. I'll do all with iPhone and iPad.


Chinese language is tough

My Mandarin text is too tough.

My Chinese text isn't designed by amount of reading aloud, so sometimes I have to struggle to finish read-aloud training. That's why I'm tired even in the morning. Of course I'm doing other trainings, so only the textbook isn't wrong.

In addition, Mandarin is difficult for me to control breath. I heard that Chinese people is loud. The reason is their language which I'm studying. Mandarin needs berry muscle to generate the voice, or you can't say proper meanings. Japanese, which is my native language,  is opposite side in that regard. So I need to change my own body by the training.

So learning Chinese language in my method is too tough to master by physical reason.


I'm tired

I'm tired.
I bought Japanese book.

I'm feeling tired. Until Sunday night, I lead a relax life without reading aloud training. But yesterday was too tough to read textbooks aloud. I'm still tired in this morning. I got aged.

Recently I haven't read books in Japanese, so I bought a light Japanese book about how to retain your memory gotten by reading. In the Amazon review, I heard that this book is very easy to read.

My younger nephew is catching a cold yesterday. so he couldn't attend the first ceremony of his kinder garden. The first day is crucial because he might fail to make friends without self-introduce in the first day. I hope it were only my opinion.


The 100-year Life

Actually, I don't have anything to write after writing in Japanese.

I began to read The 100-year Life. This book is interesting for me. I'm going to be 44 soon, and this kind of book is very insightful for middle-aged man like me. I spend about 15 years to cure my illness. I'm thinking how to restart my life, and I'm sometimes depressed about how to survive this harsh society. I want to intake new thoughts from this book how to live well.


My English skill was...

My English ability was terrible. And I decided to write English entries.

I rechecked comments in tosh-jp.com (main blog). And I found that I couldn't decently read in English. And my reply was terrible. At that time, I thought my English ability was relatively good. How embarrassing it was.

And I began to see my own English sentences too childish. I'm recently reading English books every day, and my English ability became unbalance. So I decided to write English entries as much as I can.