Finished The 100-year Life

I finished reading The 100-year Life, and started reading Zero to One.

I forgot to write this blog entry because of holiday.

I wake up at 5 o'clock, and finished reading The 100-year Life. It's curious for middle-aged like me, saying about growing longevity and changing life planning and society and company. Changing I-have-to-be is reassuring for me, because I already failed my life in my 20s, and because by some chance I can restart my life again in a new value. Anyway I finished it.

And I went to Starbucks near my home, and began to read Zero to One. I already read 30 pages there. It seems to be interesting, but a little thin book for me. I've been gradually familiar with extensive reading, and come to think 'the thicker the better'. Being able to finish early is good or bad for each people, of course.

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