Mandarin training

Japanese can be good at Mandarin.

I can say my Mandarin Study is progressing, but reading aloud method is depressing. Reading aloud is too tough and less fruitful now. So yesterday's after-1-week review was postponed.

Quick response training is good for me to study Mandarin. I can say easy Mandarin sentences naturally, for example 你吃早饭吗?( Did you have breakfast?) When it comes to Mandarin, practical training is suited for me.

My training period of Mandarin was about 3 month now. I'll take HSK Level 3 in June, which I heard is about B1. Mandarin is relatively easy for Japanese like me. Japanese know Japanese 漢字 (Kanji), so we can recognize Mandarin's 汉语 (han yu) a little. So beginner level of Mandarin is very easy. Instead of not being good at English, I can be good at Mandarin.

Of course, Japanese is terrible at pronunciation and listening.

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