In good shape

I'm in good shape.

I had habits to do strength training and to intaking protein powder, and to have a breakfast every morning. That made me healthy recently.

I'm not too fat, not too thin. And in good status in my mind. I'm in good shape except for hay fever recently.


doing lazily

It's holiday today.
I'll spend time irresponsibly.

I don't have any schedule for language training. So I'll do lazily today.

I'll go Starbucks and read the book in English that I'm reading now. And watch Netflix videos in my room. After that I don't come up with what to do.

Yesterday, I thought that I have to do TOEIC official practice test. But I reluctant to do that today.


Finished reading Blink

I finished reading Blink. And started reading The Upside of Stress.

I finished reading Blink. This book is strange because at the first part it shows "how pre-perception works" and after that It shows "how pre-perception doesn't work" to the end. I confused what the book wants to say. But I thought the conclusion is totally right.

I began to read The Upside of Stress. Within where I read, it want to say that stress has good point if you believe. In language learner's perspective, English in this book is easy for well read nonnative speaker.


I changed my routine

I changed my routine.

It's sometimes hot in daytime. So I changed timing of my exercise. Walking without breakfast was a little dizzy thing. But if I change the timing of intaking protein, I can adopt it maybe.


Sugar shortage

Sugar is bad for your health, but I need it maybe.

I felt wrong with my forehead after reading aloud in Mandarin. I suffered with something wrong, not headache, for a hour. It was solved after drinking a bottle of Dodekamin, cheap energy drink in Japan.

Maybe It was sugar shortage, I thought. So I bought some gumi for today.


Audio guided reading in Mandarin

I don't have to write in this blog.

Mandarin GR (Graded Reader) is interesting. I bought 10 books of Mandarin GR, and restart to read. The books have CDs and you can listen and read at the same time.

For Japanese, the most difficult point of reading Mandarin is that you tend to read Mandarin in Japanese pronunciation in your mind. So Audio guided reading is very beneficial for Japanese.

Of course, nonnative of kanji character can effectively improve your reading ability by reading a lot.