English language never made me happy

As I wrote on Twitter, I'm becoming a good English user, which made me read books in English, like Sapiens or Homo Deus, and watch TV shows with AppleTV.

But that's never made me the positive one. I've never changed my fundamental mentality of life, even if I'm learning English. The negative never becomes the positive.

Studying English never made money for now, and nothing special happened.


Making money online

I watched a Youtube video that says making money online is;

1. be a influencer
2. sell something
(I don't write the detail of that)

I never bother to be a influencer that fights against who dislike me. I have seen many influencers (and wannabe) attacked by their haters. I don't want to be such a person at all. So I can't make money online because I can never reach the first step.

I envy those who never feel offended by their haters. I'm afraid those kind of menace. If I'm completely alone, I can do like what make me hated, but I have my parents, brother who works as employee, and his family. In the worst case scenario, They will be influenced their life because of me. That's the nightmare.

So I can never do such a thing.