Go physical, not mental

I find that I need to go to physical thing, not to mental, spiritual way.

I haven't been doing strength training during summer because it's too hot with my muscle. Muscle generates heat in body. But this made my mind down. So I restarted strength training now that it's cool enough to deal with heat generated from my muscle. Everyday protein powder is increased again.

I'm becoming better minded thanks to that. About a year trial, I find that I have to think physical thing rather than mental or spiritual. And I need to intake more protein, meat, soy and oats. Oats has protein much more than rice.

I have recently read a book saying that like-Asperger-syndrome (includes not being completely in that criteria) must go to physical approach and never try mental or spiritual approach. That backs me up.

I don't need to try to strengthen my mental or my soul. I improve my body and I'll be stable minded.

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