I've been driven by negative emotion from Twitter

Twitter is saying "you aren't great at all."

I'm searching on Twitter about TOEIC or other English exams. I've usually found someone's tweet saying that "Your score of xxx points is not great. It's outdated." I first found that kind of tweet when I got over 700 points  at the first time.

After I got over 800 points, Twitter (the tweet which someone mentioned about TOEIC) said that in recent corporate Japan, 800 points or so isn't evaluated.

I finally got 900 points. Twitter never said anything annoying about my score on TOEIC test. I'm reassured. But recently a translator (I can say that he is probably professional of English) said something annoying for me (I don't specify on this entry about that). Maybe Twitter said "Your new enemy's here! Let's overcome him!"

I fed up with that sort of thing. I'm tired of English hierarchy among Japanese English learners. Twitter fostered that.

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