My foot problem

While I decided to write this blog in English, I have anything to write today.

My foot have hurt for a month, and I wrote on Japanese blog that I would go to the clinic. Doctor said that I need to buy insole for my shoes.

I bought a pair of insole at Amazon and put them in my jogging shoes. When I walk for training, I felt no pain at all, and it's very fine on barefoot  for a while after walking. Solving problem without no medical treatment is great. I can say that he is highly professional.

By the way, I'm still pondering to take 1st grade of Eiken test (English exam in Japan). After 900 points on TOEIC test, I felt void and no pleasure. So I thought that even if I pass the 1st grade I never satisfied at all by that. I'll make effort for the 1st grade, but I'll avoid the test by any chance.

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