My vocabulary as a non-native of English

I don't have anything to write as usual.

I'm mentally unstable recently. I guess that I need to increase my intake of Vitamin Bs and protein again. I'm already doing strength training every day, and I need to improve my nutrition.

I tried a site named Test Your Vocabulary again to evaluate my vocabulary as an English learner. I found that I have 11,700 words of English (http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=10708909). I aimed 12,000 words and almost reached now. I see that I can get a not bad score on the 1st grade of Eiken test (English exam in Japan). It needs, I read somewhere, over 15,000 words at the maximum, but I probably have the right to challenge it.

For Japanese learners: You can read about around that on Eiraku, Yaduki's website. https://ei-raku.com/2017/11/exam-eiken-comparison/ Its analytical insight is helpful for many.

I’m considering aiming over 20,000 words now that I get almost 12,000 words.

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