Walking habit

I usually have nothing to write. I'll write by my way to do.

I overslept. Precisely saying, I woke up as usual, and went to bed again during my morning routine.

The time when the sun appears is getting later and later. When I open the storm-shutter, it's still dark. I came to think that I need to wake up later because waking up in dark is a little depressing.

During my walking exercise, I see two old ladies walking the street for exercise like me. They recently shifted their time of exercise for rising the sun. I have seen they are praying to rising sun on the street. Maybe praying to the rising sun is common for elderly persons in Japan. I'm not doing so.

We exchanged greetings and I passed them. They are slower than me, and I have something to do at the turning point, at Seven-Eleven. I'm usually reading some articles of the Economist with my iPhone at the Seven-Eleven with a iced coffee.

While I'm reading the articles, they reach there. They join me at the counter, and they talk something about their neighbors. I'm listening them in Japanese while reading in English. It's too confusing.

After reading the articles, I say good-bye to them, and get back to home.

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