finished Life 3.0

I finished reading Life 3.0. It was a little difficult for me.

I know about computer related things from my experience as "a system engineer", so I was able to understand the first part of the book. But after the part of the Universe things, I was far from understanding. I need more familiar with the broad range of knowledge, or I can't read highly intellectual issues.

I woke up at midnight, and I started reading a book named Willpower. I come to understand a kind of self-help books like this so I can read this. After finishing the book, I have a book named Willpower Doesn't Work so I'll read the one, probably. I read Willpower for about an hour and got to sleep again.

It was a little chilly for me this morning. But it's warm in the south Kanto region in the daytime during winter. Kanto (including Tokyo and Yokohama) is easy to live.

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