Going further

I don't have anything to write as usual.

I found that The Essential Drucker is the way more difficult than the reading portions of the 1st grade of EIKEN test (an English exam in Japan). I judged that from my reading drill book of the EIKEN test. So if you are able to read The Essential Drucker, by some chance, you can pass the exam easily.

If I could clear the reading portions, I need to improve my writing ability for the test. But I don't know the best way to do that. I'm writing this blog every morning and I'm able to write more smoothly than before. But I need to write an academic style of that, so I need to get additional knowledge from a book or something. I could pass the test of a blog writing in English, though.

I thought that after getting 900 points on TOEIC test, I couldn't get the further skill of English anymore, at least very difficult to get it. But my English ability is getting much better after the test. I can probably will more.

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