Gokudan is nice

I went to Uniqlo and bought Gokudan underwear.

I don't know how to express the Gokudan in foreign shops in English, but Gokudan means "ultimately warm". Now Uniqlo also has Cho-Gokudan, that means "super ultimately warm". (I found this is my mistake. Extremely is better than ultimately.)

I'm walking every early morning and it's a little tough to walk in the cold weather. So I had some treatment for me, that was Uniqlo's fleece wear. That was nice, so furthermore, I bought warm undergarments, Gokudan turtleneck long T-shirts and Gokudan suteteco (Can I say it's loose tights to wear as underpants?).

I tried them and found it's very good to spend time outside in winter. I sometimes reluctant to walk in the cold weather, but I can resist that with Gokudan.

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