I went to Odawara

I went to Odawara to read a book outside where I don't usually visit.

At first, I went to a coffee shop which I usually stop by when I went to the hospital. I read about 20 pages there with iced coffee. And I ate a salmon bowl at the other place whose employees is handing out the flyers in front of the restaurant.

After that, I headed to the old library in Odawara Castle and I found this in the parking.

Maybe this is the town office's car in Hakone but I'm not sure about that. I read about 20 pages at the library. I finished daily quota of the book.

I stopped by a bookstore and bought another book named the Courage of Hopelessness. The store is selling English books but those were almost novels. At that time I found they are selling non-fiction books and I felt that's for me. So I bought it to support them anyway.

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