tsurezure diary

I don't have anything to write this morning.

It was rainy this early morning and I didn't walk outside. But now it stopped rain, so I'll walk sometime today.

I'll buy another share this morning. My aim is buying "small amount of", " shares of a cash-rich company", "which has not bad earnings", "at the bottom". That's all. When I was able to get solid revenue was when holding anyway in a long-term or when I bought at the bottom in a mid-term. And short-term or swing didn't give me decent revenue actually.

I'm feeling tired of reading aloud training. I thought that I need to pronounce English sentences but after reducing that training I felt no wither of speaking ability. So I come to think that I stop reading aloud. I'll continue the training with NHK English text till March, but I'm not sure after April.

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