New Year Eve

I don't have anything to write about around me this morning as usual.

Today is new year eve. I woke up late intendedly and did daily routines without a usual pattern. I'm feeling dizzy a little with no reason. Maybe there is no reason.

Maybe tomorrow is not special as usual.


I'm tired

I have nothing to write about around me this morning as usual.

I'm feeling tired this morning. Nothing special happened even though my ability of the English language is improving. I want to do nothing but my habit made me wake up at 5 a.m, wash the bathtub and read a book in English. I want to be lazy more. I want to wake up late. I want to spend time with Twitter and Whiskey the whole day.


-2 degrees

I don't have anything to write this morning as always.

It's especially cold this morning, -2 degrees C. I want to walk outside early morning but it's too cold to walk. I already experienced several bad conditions in my body after walking in a cold air this winter, and I decided to do a walking exercise above 5 degrees C for my health.

I'm tired of reading English book this morning. Sometimes I think that I must be more mentally lazy in daily life, like waking up late. But the habit is the horror. I can't easily change to unhealthy direction once fixed the life.


I'm reading the New Digital Age

I'm reading the New Digital Age, published in 2013.

I thought that the book doesn't have the latest information, but it has a still very interesting issue. So I decided to finish reading the book.

The book's difficulty in English is not so high for me. But at the first time, I wasn't able to read the meaning in my mind. I don't know the brain's behavior but after a while, it was getting easy to read.

By the way, I'm planning to visit Kinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku while someday in a new year holiday. I already have many books to read, tsundoku, but I want to check recent books directly.


Warm morning

I don't have anything to write this morning as usual.

This morning was 6 degrees C, according to AppleWatch. So I walked out as I have done before. It was warm enough to leisurely walk and I had an iced coffee at the convenience store as always.

My nephew was recovered this morning and went to his ping pong club in his junior high school. It will be the last day of his club activity for this year. He will need to commit his homework for a week, and I need to help him to plan the work, he can already do almost all of that alone though.


feeling dull

I don't have anything to write this morning.

I drank a little and I'm feeling tired this morning. Morning reading made little progress and it's difficult to read an English book. I want to do nothing till a week later. Alcohol is bad for my health.

I'm feeling difficulty to read an English book, but I can read the news which appears on Twitter. So I can say that I'll never lose my reading ability in English. Is that a problem of my motivation?

My nephew staying my house is also something wrong this morning. He canceled his ping pong club. Of course, he never drinks.


My nephew is staying

My nephew is staying during a winter holiday.

He was given a room in which his father was as young. Actually, I was using the room as storage, but my mother and I made tidy and clean for him. He put his PC on the table and played Minecraft or something. He went to the ping pong club this morning.

I stopped reading the Courage of Hopelessness because the vocabulary is a little difficult for me (it contains French words too). And I changed to The New Digital Age. This book published in 2013 and the information is already well known. But I'll finish the book.


Planning to be a translator

I don't have anything to write this morning as always.

As I wrote on this blog, I was pondering to become a translator, and I ordered an entrance document from a translator school. But learning translation at the school is probably time-consuming. So I decided to learn it alone, same as learning English itself. And I'm planning a relatively easy and local business of translation.

I don't write the detail, but considering the job is not too hardworking and keeping me above the water next year. I'm not sure I would succeed, but I need to do something to survive.


Finished Social Intelligence, started Hopelessness

It's warmer than usual this morning.

I finished reading Social Intelligence. In English learner's perspective, the book has a moderate level of difficulty for me. I need to read books on this level more, maybe. The notorious thing about this book is that the calm mood of workplaces is important for workers performance, and the angry boss is harmful.

I'll start reading The Courage of Hopelessness next. I haven't read the book yet, so I can't write about the difficulty of the English of the book. I bought it when I went to the library in Odawara Castle.



I don't have anything to write this morning as usual.

I read a book in Japanese named Shinsekai. It was totally easy Japanese enough to read for a few hours, but written about an interesting thing, like crowdfunding and online saloon. It's saying that if you are honest and credible, money comes after your human trait. It's a fascinating thought.


changed my daily routine

I don't have anything to write this morning as usual.

I changed my daily routine. I woke up at 5 as always, and spend the time to read a book in English. My daily quota is 10,000 words or 25 pages of the book per day, but I left 5 pages to read for later. Simply I wasn't able to read in enough speed in the early morning. I'll do walking exercise around 10 o'clock AM, according to the plan.

I ordered a document of a translator school. I'll die if I don't do anything to earn money after cutting off my income. So I decided to do something before death. I don't know that to be a translator is the best way to live, but it's better than doing nothing.


Too cold, too cold

I decided to change the schedule of daily walking exercise.

The coldness of early morning reached the unbearable level. I'm feeling a headache because it was too cold. It's too hard. I'll reschedule my daily routine and I'll walk around 10 o'clock AM when it's warm enough.

I'm something wrong with my body thanks to coldness. I need to take a bath right now or I couldn't lead a decent life today.


Walking in cold air

I don't have a particular thing to write this morning as usual.

It was 3 degree C in my town. Walking in the chilly weather was very tough for me. I met an old lady on the way, one of a pear who I had met every morning till autumn. I heard that they decide to walk each pace and schedule about a month before. I guess that they also quit drinking coffee at the convenience store where I stop by on the way of walking exercise. It's O.K. for me if they are fine.


a kind of sociophobia I am

I have nothing to write this morning as usual.
It's a sunny day today. It simply made me happy.

There are no special things recently. There are no hindrances of my daily routine. I can decently read the book in English which I'm reading now. But I already know that the next year will be the most unstable year in a decade. Simply the matter of income.

I have been protected as a mentally disabled, but I'm getting better, compared to several years before. So I may need to leave from the kind of social insurance. But I'm still a kind of sociophobia thanks to terrible bosses in my past job. so I'm thinking that it's too difficult to work for a fixed job. The healthier I'm getting, the harsher the life is.

I concentrated to horn my English ability for a few years, but it's difficult to find a job related to the English language simply because I don't know how to find the kind of jobs at home. English itself doesn't make me happy maybe.


lump on my underarm

I have nothing to write this morning as usual.

It rains today. I wasn't able to do walking exercise this morning. But I did strength training, according to my schedule.

I found a lump on my underarm. It's a little itchy. I thought that it's something wrong with my lymph nodes, I'll go to a clinic to see it.

... I checked my underarm directly just now with a mirror. I'm not sure, but it can be an insect bite. I'll wait a while, and I'll go to a clinic if the lump weren't removed naturally.


I took a practice test

 I took a practice test of TOEIC, whose result was terrible.

 I felt a need to prepare the TOEIC test in January. So I tried a practice test of TOEIC, which is presented the past actual test. The test book was published in Korea and written in English and Korean but I don't know the Korean language at all. But at least I can know how I mistake in the test from English scripts.

 The result was 83 out of 100 on the listening section. If I'm really 900 points holder, I need to get over 90% of the score. But I failed it. I don't know why I was able to get 900 points at the actual test in September.

I'll check the mistaken question today.


I need to prepare

I don't have anything to write this morning as usual.

It's chilly recently. Too cold. Once it was warm to want to plant banana trees in my father's garden, and I'm feeling the difference of temperature. I want to go to warm countries like South East Asia.

I remembered that I applied the TOEIC test in January, and thought I need to prepare the test. But I'm reluctant to do. I have thought that the higher the score rises, the higher my social reliance will be. But in the end, I concluded that I need additional skill like high-level coding or specific knowledge that can earn money. I already have an excessive score to work in English in Japan. I needn't improve the score itself.

I sometimes think that it will be better to work as a translator and that I need to enter the kind of school. But I haven't been able to push myself toward the direction.


My ability is still improving

I don't have anything to write for this blog this morning.

I checked a textbook for English vocabulary which I stopped reading to make the time for another textbook. And I found that I could expect the words of the level of the textbook for the beginner of Eiken 1st grade test. Not memorized, but expected. It indicates my English ability healthily improved, probably. It's great progress for me.

I don't know the brain behavior, but exposing to English for a long time is good for my English ability anyway. This discovery is maybe a norm for many masters of language, but I can be proud of myself.


Finished Stiglitz, Started Social Intelligence

I finished reading The Great Divide and started reading Social Intelligence.

I found on The Great Divide that a well-known liberal economist is approving Abenomics in Japan, while liberals in Japan hates Shinzo Abe. I can see that is the story when he wrote the article, but it can be said that Abe's policy at the time was good for the Japanese economy.

The book's difficulty in English was a little high for me, but I need to read books at the level of difficulty to retain my English ability. Too easy books are not good for me.

After the book, I started to read Social Intelligence. This book's difficulty in English isn't especially high so I can read this book without special effort. But the book is packed with words. it's about 400 words a page. Average books have about 300 words a page. So it takes a little longer time to finish the book.


If you want to beat AI...

I don't have anything to write as always.

I found that the AI for advertisement on the internet is weak when it comes to guessing a rare pattern. Maybe I'm totally minority among Japanese society and it's difficult for AI to expect who I am. It's interesting.

I see that that is the weak point of AIs or deep learning. If you want to beat AIs, you should be too unique for AIs to guess who you are. On the other hand, if you want to amicably live with AI, I need to be a completely average person. Of course, it's boring, though.


I'm not Korean

I'm thinking that I had to take a screenshot for this blog.
The ad on BBC is saying, "you must be Korean."

I read a BBC's news article at the turning point of the walking exercise with a coffee, and I found an ad on it with Hangul sentences, Korean language. I don't know the Hangul, but I was able to understand from English part of the ad, saying, "Live Japan", and a picture of sushi. Maybe it's an ad for Korean interested in Japan.

Sometimes, AI of the internet ads is showing strange behavior when it comes to guessing who I am. Once the ad on YouTube was saying that I'm the president of a small company. I'm confusing the AI because I'm not a normal citizen?


I bite my tongue

I don't have anything to write as always.

Recent weather is getting tough because of the steep difference between warmth and coldness. It's cold this morning.

About a week or two before, I bite my tongue while I'm eating. After three years of English training, I'm suffering from biting my tongue or the inside of my mouth. I'm not sure why, though, when chewing without thought, I usually bite my tongue, and it makes me very annoyed. In addition, after that, my tongue hurts by the level of wanting not to eat foods anymore.

But it usually gets better after a few days of writing about it on my blog or Twitter. So I'm doing. Of course, I'm taking several treatments, applying ointment, for example.


Getting slim. But...

I don't have anything to write as always.

My body fat was once over 21% or 22%, now I'm under 19% after reducing sugary drinks, and eggs.

I have been drinking sugary drinks like energy drinks while visiting the library to read my books in English. Sugar made me relatively tough to read books, but I was getting fat. So I decided to reduce sugar, especially energy drinks.

In addition, I found that eating two eggs every morning is too much for me, and I decided to reduce to one egg every morning.

I'm getting slim, according to my body fat. But I found that when I'm feeling something wrong is when the body fat is reduced. My body fat is fluctuating and when feeling good was over 20% and when feeling wrong was usually under 19.5%.

Being fit is good anyway. But I don't know what to do in this situation.


I'll have a rest.

I'm tired. I'm dizzy. I don't really have anything to write.

So I'll have a rest this morning.


I tried PayPay

I tried PayPay at a convenience store.

PayPay is the mobile payment system by SoftBank and Yahoo Japan. They launched 10 billion yen cashback for PayPay users. I found that I could get 500 yen after making the account. In addition, I could use other cashback and point-back coupon and something at the same time. I made the account anyway.

I'm doing walking training in the early morning and reading the news articles in English with an iced coffee at the turning point of the walking route, which is convenience stores. I used PayPay at the timing.

The payment system is simple, showing my smartphone to the cashier, but less sophisticated than Apple pay with AppleWatch. But the most important thing to them is familiarizing with a cashless payment system in Japan. The attempt will succeed, probably.


I'm tired

It was warm yesterday, but it's cold this morning.

I decided to read 15,000 words a day, and I'm clearing my daily quota. But I'm feeling tired of reading a lot. By some chance, I will be familiar with this situation. But I need a rest now.

Last night, I saw a dream that I was a pilot and handling a big plane on the winding road to the runway. The speed was too terrible to control the plane. I guess that it probably suggests that I'm trying to deal with a heavy thing for me. Maybe it was reading a lot.


Stock market is plunging

I don't have anything to write as usual.

It's very warm recently. It's not a winter type of the atmosphere around Japan. I don't need Gokudan t-shirts when I walk in the early morning.

The stock market is plunging, and my stocks will be loss cut this morning maybe. But it's my strategy that I'll loss-cut when the prices wouldn't take off. Lately, there is many oops in the Tokyo market, and it's difficult to trade in the short term.

I realized, I already know though, that the economy next year will be colder than this year. And I'll invest to stocks at the bottom of prices next year or later. I can explain that with Elliot Wave Principles. See over 10 years of the monthly chart of Nikkei225.


reading over 15,000 words a day

I don't have anything to write for this blog as usual.

I'm recently aiming at reading over 15,000 words a day. A little before, I woke up earlier, one and a half hours, and I read around 10 pages of a book then. It was easy to read over 10,000 in the day, which was my then aiming. Now I finished reading the amount of reading in the morning. So I wanted to read furthermore in the afternoon, and I had done. So I decided to read more.

But that was mentally heavy for me to read 15k words for a while. So I sometimes think that that is too much for me. But I'll try it anyway as I can.

By the way, I'm still worried about not to get a decent score on TOEIC test. I'm coming to the world where I don't need to think about the score, maybe. But I'm still thinking about improving the score. I applied the test in January, though, I come to think that taking the test isn't necessarily a good way to improve my English ability.


useless ads for me

I have nothing to write for this blog as usual.

Ads on the web seem to be for Japanese, after writing on this blog that I'm seemed to be a foreigner living in Japan. The recent most devastating ad was the one saying, "you seem to lose what you wanted to say, we can help you." I already cut the ad, though.

The other noticeable ad for me is saying that I can work for a company which runs the foreign branch. But that won't realize because I'm taking a prescribed medicine. I can't go out abroad for a long time.

Seeing the ads for me is very fun for some reason. But most of those are not for me actually.


many mandarin oranges

I have no special things to write as usual.

My parents and I picked a tree of mandarin oranges at a small orchard which my uncle has. It was a heavy burden for us to do, but all of which we picked is ours. My house now has many wooden trays of mandarin oranges, looking like a fruit merchant.

I'm feeling tired this morning, though. I need some treatment like energy supplements.

As I wrote, I started reading The Great Divide. The book's difficulty was not too tough for me. I have gone a long load to improving English ability. But The pages of the book are over 400, so it probably takes over two weeks to finish it.


Finished Drucker, Started Stiglitz

I don't have anything to write as usual.

I finished reading The Essential Drucker. I reached four million words reading in English.

The book is very difficult for those who haven't been a manager and I had a tough time to read in the first part of the book. But after changing the story to professional work thing, I can understand well what he wants to say. This book needs a previous experience of working like that kind of occupation.

And I felt that it wouldn't work even though many people in a company understand what he is saying if the manager would think a malicious thing to treat his subordinates like Japanese evil managers do. So I don't all in the book.

This morning, I started reading The Great Divide written by Stiglitz. This economic problem is already known well, but I'm curious about what a famous economist said.