a kind of sociophobia I am

I have nothing to write this morning as usual.
It's a sunny day today. It simply made me happy.

There are no special things recently. There are no hindrances of my daily routine. I can decently read the book in English which I'm reading now. But I already know that the next year will be the most unstable year in a decade. Simply the matter of income.

I have been protected as a mentally disabled, but I'm getting better, compared to several years before. So I may need to leave from the kind of social insurance. But I'm still a kind of sociophobia thanks to terrible bosses in my past job. so I'm thinking that it's too difficult to work for a fixed job. The healthier I'm getting, the harsher the life is.

I concentrated to horn my English ability for a few years, but it's difficult to find a job related to the English language simply because I don't know how to find the kind of jobs at home. English itself doesn't make me happy maybe.

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