Finished Stiglitz, Started Social Intelligence

I finished reading The Great Divide and started reading Social Intelligence.

I found on The Great Divide that a well-known liberal economist is approving Abenomics in Japan, while liberals in Japan hates Shinzo Abe. I can see that is the story when he wrote the article, but it can be said that Abe's policy at the time was good for the Japanese economy.

The book's difficulty in English was a little high for me, but I need to read books at the level of difficulty to retain my English ability. Too easy books are not good for me.

After the book, I started to read Social Intelligence. This book's difficulty in English isn't especially high so I can read this book without special effort. But the book is packed with words. it's about 400 words a page. Average books have about 300 words a page. So it takes a little longer time to finish the book.

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