Getting slim. But...

I don't have anything to write as always.

My body fat was once over 21% or 22%, now I'm under 19% after reducing sugary drinks, and eggs.

I have been drinking sugary drinks like energy drinks while visiting the library to read my books in English. Sugar made me relatively tough to read books, but I was getting fat. So I decided to reduce sugar, especially energy drinks.

In addition, I found that eating two eggs every morning is too much for me, and I decided to reduce to one egg every morning.

I'm getting slim, according to my body fat. But I found that when I'm feeling something wrong is when the body fat is reduced. My body fat is fluctuating and when feeling good was over 20% and when feeling wrong was usually under 19.5%.

Being fit is good anyway. But I don't know what to do in this situation.

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