I need to prepare

I don't have anything to write this morning as usual.

It's chilly recently. Too cold. Once it was warm to want to plant banana trees in my father's garden, and I'm feeling the difference of temperature. I want to go to warm countries like South East Asia.

I remembered that I applied the TOEIC test in January, and thought I need to prepare the test. But I'm reluctant to do. I have thought that the higher the score rises, the higher my social reliance will be. But in the end, I concluded that I need additional skill like high-level coding or specific knowledge that can earn money. I already have an excessive score to work in English in Japan. I needn't improve the score itself.

I sometimes think that it will be better to work as a translator and that I need to enter the kind of school. But I haven't been able to push myself toward the direction.

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