reading over 15,000 words a day

I don't have anything to write for this blog as usual.

I'm recently aiming at reading over 15,000 words a day. A little before, I woke up earlier, one and a half hours, and I read around 10 pages of a book then. It was easy to read over 10,000 in the day, which was my then aiming. Now I finished reading the amount of reading in the morning. So I wanted to read furthermore in the afternoon, and I had done. So I decided to read more.

But that was mentally heavy for me to read 15k words for a while. So I sometimes think that that is too much for me. But I'll try it anyway as I can.

By the way, I'm still worried about not to get a decent score on TOEIC test. I'm coming to the world where I don't need to think about the score, maybe. But I'm still thinking about improving the score. I applied the test in January, though, I come to think that taking the test isn't necessarily a good way to improve my English ability.

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