1-day English cafe, I attended

I attended 1-day English cafe as I wrote. That was not what I expected.

It was a simple English class with soft drinks. We studied a sample text that teaches "I like to" or "I like -ing" thing. The teacher was Japanese and spoke in English and in Japanese. That wasn't an English-only class. I was disappointed.

We talked about what we like. I like walking. I was asked how long I walk. And the teacher said "distance." I thought that ordinary people don't measure how long they walk and said "distance..." The teacher said like "two kilometers, for example."

And We discussed how to keep us healthy. I said "not to drink", and the teacher said the kind of "not too much drinking, great." I didn't convey what I wanted to say. But I'm not sure whether I'm wrong or she.

I felt a subtle thing on the way to home. In my home, I was reluctant to do anything related to English. What was wrong?

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