Finished The Culture Map, started Neuromancer

I finished reading The Culture Map and started reading Neuromancer.

The Culture Map is, as I wrote, saying that I can see your colleagues according to their cultural background. If you are Dutch, your saying about a negative aspect is a little harsh for American colleagues. The book contains that sort of interesting issues. The books difficulty in English is not hard for me, and I enjoyed reading it.

Neuromancer is a cyberpunk classic written by William Gibson. I have read the book in Japanese when I was a high school student, over 20 years ago. The books sentences were difficult for kids even in the native language. But I recently decided to read more novels for vocabulary building in English, so I'll read it anyway.

In my experience, even if I couldn't read a book in English properly, you would be able to clearly read the same level as the book someday by reading the book aloud in your mind anyway. You need to generate the sound of the English sentence in your brain, though.

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