Finished willpower, started the culture map

I already finished reading Willpower Doesn't Work, and started reading The Culture Map.

Willpower Doesn't Work is saying that you are what your environment made and pointing out how to establish the circumstances to make it. It has a unique insight for me and I can say that it's one of the best self-help books which I have ever read. Though I haven't read enough amount of self-help books to rate them.

I already started reading The Culture Map. The book is describing that in an international team, you must see your colleague not according to individuality but their cultural background. The interesting point is that American people are less direct critics when it comes to negative feedback compared to the culture of more direct criticism, like Dutch one. On the other hand, they are low-context people that are saying simple and non-indirect things. The book's difficulty in English is moderate for me to understand. I'll finish it after a while.

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