Restarted Anki

I restarted using Anki.

I forget that I have written about my walking exercise that has a reading break at the convenience store. But the reading break when I read BBC News and The Economist make me feeling status quo. So I decided to memorize the English words at that time with Anki.

Anki is a handy memorizing app that manages my schedule of memorization. Anki is a Japanese word simply meaning "memorization." It's a popular app among Japanese learners of English on Twitter, as well as all overseas people. I already input some words of SVL (Standard Vocabulary List by Japanese publisher) Level 10, around 10,000 words level.

Actually, I have already used the Anki app before. But I gave up it when I realized I need to handle many cards if you get SVL card from public storage of Anki. But I felt the needs of vocabulary building reading many English books. I decide to reuse it.

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